School Dress Code



Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for our Catholic School and conducive to learning.  Clothing should be neat, comfortable and modest, not drawing undue attention to the wearer (no pajama pants, bandannas, chains on pants).  Shorts should be mid-thigh length and straps should be at least 3 finger width covering undergarments.  Students are expected to come to school dressed to participate in a range of school activities including Physical Education classes and outdoor recess breaks. Students’ clothing should also protect them from the heat and cold.  


Some Important Considerations:

  •       Articles of clothing with inappropriate logos, sayings, and pictures are not acceptable at school
  •       Overly revealing clothing (e.g. halter tops, halter dresses, string straps, cut-off shorts, crop tops etc.) is not to be worn at school
  •       No bare midriffs, droopy pants, or see-through shirts are to be worn at school
  •       Undergarments should not be visible
  •       Shorts and skirts must be at mid-thigh, when the student is standing
  •       Students are expected to have safe and appropriate footwear when indoors and outdoors at school at all times


Students who dress inappropriately will be advised and may be asked to change their clothing. If necessary, a parent will be called to arrange a change of clothing.


Reference: London District Catholic School Board “Appropriate Dress Code/Uniform” Policy Code: J 3.